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Kompot & Kep Hotels

Thansur Bokor Resort ( Kompot)

Thansur Bokor Highland Resort, located in Kompot province, 148 km from phnom penh to kompot . offers rooms and suites decked out with modern Khmer art and equipped with latest amenities. All guestrooms are comfortable served with world-class service

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Nataya Resort Hotel ( Kompot)

 Located 16 km from Kampot and nestled at the foothills of Bokor Mountain, Nataya Roundhouse Coral Bay Resort and Spa provides something unique to fulfill every traveler's dreams and desires. This primary location is as alluring as it is rich in the history, distinctive culture and creative fare that makes Nataya the next hit vacation spot.

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Knai Bang Chatt Hotel ( Kep)

 A driving force behind the clean lines and minimalist style of Knai Bang Chatt is adopted from the ancient Japanese philosophy of Wabi Sabi, which places importance on rustic simplicity, understated elegance, and the inherent beauty of imperfection.....

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Veranda Natural Resort ( Kep)

 Veranda Natural Resort in Kep Cambodia — Perched atop the verdant slope of Kep National Park and overlooking the expanse of Gulf of Thailand, Phu Quoc Island, and the picturesque Bokor Mountain, Veranda Natural Resort is a nature retreat dedicated to the finer things in life—beauty, tranquility, and gastronomic delights....

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Mealea Resort -Kep

Our Mealea resort is your home at the heart of Cambodia famous Kep Beach."Mealea", which means Our Home in the flower, is the French styles resort to rise on Kep province, which leads to the equally Cambodia-famous Horse Beach, Our accommodation in Mealea is perfect for those who wants to experience fun under the sun. The Mealea Hotel is a truly delightful, romantic boutique hotel set near Horse Beach and not far away from the busy streets of the Crab Market.

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